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Method: Install and configure SMART STB App


1.Go to your SMART TV app store and install the "SMART STB" app


2.Go to device settings and take note of your System MAC Address and give the Virtual MAC address to your IPTV Provider (We will not be able to activate your service until you have provided this to us)


3.Head to the website


4.Purchase the service and register the Software MAC address on the website


5.Enter Portal URL you will receive by email from us


6.Under Portal Settings on the "SMART STB" app enter URL you will receive by email from us


7. Select the Yennega portal you just created & wait for the service to load.


1. Make sure you are using the Portal URL for Smart TV you received by email.

2. If you get a black screen and the server doesn't load, please double check the URL and make sure it is entered correctly. If the problem persists please contact support at and see what they say. It is not uncommon that an issue stems from their service.

3.If you get a message that says "STB Blocked" or "Firmware needs to be updated" most likely you have entered the incorrect URL.

4. If you get an authentication screen asking for a login & password, that usually means we haven't activated your service yet or the virtual MAC address you provided us was incorrect.

5. If for some reason, your Virtual & System MAC address' are the same. Contact support at and have them change it.

6. Review the Troubleshoot page of Smart-STB here 

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