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Welcome to the greatest experience of IPTV

Discover the World with Yennega IPTV

Enjoy the full potential of your TV with with many sports, entertainment and movie channels.
At Yennega IPTV, we believe that quality and reliability is what you deserve and we are committed to provide the best service at the lowest price.

Our Service is compatible with Smart TV, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire Stix, Mag Boxes and PC

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Why choose Yennega IPTV ?

Because we are The Best 4 You

Excellent Service

Best alternative to watch live TV anywhere,

Great Quality

24/7 Support

Best Price

Great Channels

More than 3500 Live HD channels (including 4K ), 6300 series and 2000 Movies.

Simply Setup

Easily setup and install our service. Use any devices you want and find instruction step by step for each device.

Stable Server

Get access to more than 50 best and stable servers. No more freezing, stuttering

Our Story

Innovation is a Key 4 Us

Yennega IPTV is a leading provider of technology and services, offering scalable solutions to individuals and businesses.  As the use of high speed Internet increases, IPTV becomes a much more viable alternative to standard television.

At Yennega IPTV, we would argue that IPTV is the future of television for a number of reasons:

  • Internet price continues to drop

  • Consumers are tired of expensive cable bills

  • IPTV providers are generally cheap

Founded by a team of prefessionals and lovers of TV,  our company now offers intelligent and innovative services to dozens of customers around the world. Why not join our growing customer base? Contact us today to find out more.

What we do ?

Smart solutions are at the heart of everything we do at Yennega IPTV. We provide you the best alternative to watch your local channels anywhere in the world.

Our main goal is to find intelligent ways to use technologies that will help us build a better future for everyone, everywhere in the world.

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